6 global collaborators

6 years in development

371 years of combined market experience

Insights from 142 countries

Introducing Invoq

An intuitive oven platform for baking, cooking and steaming that's as simple as it looks.

70% less energy in steam

Invoq enables outstanding results using less power, helping you move towards a more sustainable kitchen.

17% more capacity

Invoq's spectrum of internal configurations and an extra shelf give you optimised efficiency and economy.

Boots in less than 3 seconds

Although highly specified, Invoq is designed to be easy to install, operate, master, maintain and clean.

Food service is in our DNA

Invoq is more than simply a new oven. It is a unique platform for creating excellent food. Whether you want to cook, bake or steam, modular design means there is an Invoq that can be configured to be precisely right for your needs. Invoq is living proof that food is in our DNA.

An oven created from a collaborative recipe. It was inevitable that Invoq would be like no other oven. Because it was designed like no other oven. In order for it to become the default oven for kitchens, bakeries and retail environments all over the world, our designers collaborated with five other global industry brands. The result is a spectrum of Invoq variants with hundreds of different global and cultural differences in mind.

All for one and one for all

We call our collaboration the Innovation Circle. It is a forum of food service experts, each member bringing their own enthusiasm and insight to the design studio.

Sustainability is important to you and a priority for us, too. We manufacture Invoq in our own Danish workshops. And we believe we have successfully created a high performance, low energy, less wasteful oven.

Sustainability briefing

World-recognized design quality

The Invoq oven series has won the exclusive Red Dot Design Award 2023 – Best of the Best - and the prestigious iF Design Award 2023.

Invoq Combi

The way our technology works can actually affect the way you cook food; how efficient your workflow is and the amount of waste you avoid. Invoq Combi puts this power at your fingertips.

Invoq Bake

Opening the oven door should only be a pleasant surprise, when you see bread, cakes and pastries that look, feel and taste exactly as you expected. Invoq Bake does nothing less than you expect.

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