Fortunately, not all that happens in food service is hard work.

Steam just got ingenious

HybridSteam technology proves how steam can actually improve food quality and reduce waste. And you get steam in just 10 seconds.

17% extra capacity

Invoq's spectrum of internal configurations and an extra shelf gives you optimized efficiency and economy.

High performance. Low consumption.

With the eco-conscious CareCycle cleaning, a medium cycle saves you 2,912 liters of water per oven each year. That’s equal to 11,648 glasses of water.

Simple as a smartphone

Although packed with complex features and intelligent capabilities, Invoq's interface uses an instantly familiar touch screen. It works like you expect it to.

High-performing and ENERGY STAR compliant

Invoq Combi is supremely capable but, surprisingly, consumes 70% less energy in steam than the oven it replaces.

Feature deep dive

Say hello to Invoq Combi

Although simple on the surface, Invoq Combi is home to an array of advanced features and benefits. The more you look, the better it gets.

ClimateControl - An advanced system that optimizes processes and reduces baking times by designing the way air flows and the way humidity is measured and released

CareCycle -A tab-based cleaning system designed to be thorough, cost-effective and economical with power and water. Choose from seven different cycles, ranging from light to intense, turbo to eco.

SmartChef -Automates your frequently used cooking and steaming processes, so you can guarantee consistency and quality. Learning from the oven, intuitively, as you go.

MenuPlanner - Drag and drop your cooking tasks in sequence and create a pre-planned schedule for even the busiest all-day service.

Using a range of smart sensors, intelligent software and a combination of injection and boiler steam, we have created a responsive, high-density, superior cooking environment. Giving ultimate performance and saving both water and energy. 

Invoq Combi has 7 trays, not 6, which offers you 17% more capacity for your hotel pans (1/1 GN) - with the same low footprint and kW rating. Plus, improved airflow with the increased distance between racks (2.75") ensures uniformity throughout the oven cabinet. 

You achieve 40% more capacity with the same footprint and power supply when stacking two 6-1/1 GN, compared with installing one 10-1/1 GN. 

A daily maintenance routine will ensure Invoq Combi lasts for many years. But your service crew need this chore to be quick and easy - otherwise it won't become a habit. 

Invoq's sleek design features large areas of glass and steel, which are both easy to clean, regardless of which way the door opens. We have created a single point of access to the whole unit from one side of the oven. And the oven's built-in cleaning system is not only simple but uses environmentally friendly tabs and has a range of fast, economical functions. 

Invoq Combi has built-in intelligence that both guides you and can quickly adapt to changes. Cooking with humidity allows total control of natural flavor, color and yield of the product, preserving nutrients and tenderness. This in turn leads to better quality, more presentable food. Using the Invoq Combi modes - CombiSense and CombiSpeed - you achieve faster and more accurate cooking results, while making the most of your ingredients and wasting less. Whilst the behavior of the fan can be adjusted for the optimal surface and crunch, whether the serving is large, small or delicate. 

This disruptive new standard full size oven will optimise your floor space, your hood space requirements and your power consumption giving you clear cost savings both in the startup phase and on the longterm operational costs.

·13% less hood space required. 

·32% less footprint required. 

·38% less power required. 

*Above savings are calculated comparing Invoq Combi 10-1/1 GN with Invoq Combi 10-2/1 GN. 

Find the Invoq Combi for you

Although they share a distinctive family resemblance, each Invoq Combi variant is designed with a specific setting or application in mind. Including yours.

Product range:

Invoq Combi 6-1/1GN

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Invoq Combi 10-1/1 GN

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Invoq Combi 6-1/1GN PassThrough

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Find the Invoq Hybrid for you

Invoq Hybrid 6-1/1GN

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Invoq Hybrid 10-1/1 GN

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Invoq Hybrid 6-1/1GN PassThrough

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Productive. From day one

Invoq makes service so simple that it quickly becomes front of house and an indispensable part of your team.

Choose one:

Service made simple

    An oven created from a collaborative recipe

    It was inevitable that Invoq would be like no other oven. Because it was designed like no other oven. In order for it to become the default oven for kitchens, bakeries and retail environments all over the world, our designers collaborated with five other global oven brands. The result is a spectrum of Invoq variants with hundreds of different global and cultural differences in mind.

    All for one and one for all

    We call our collaboration the Innovation Circle. It is a forum of food service experts, each member bringing their own enthusiasm and insight to the design studio.

    Sustainability is important to you and a priority for us, too. We manufacture Invoq in our own Danish workshops. And we believe we have successfully created a high performance, low energy, less wasteful oven.

    Sustainability briefing

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