Consistency. Quality. Capacity.
You can have all three.

Even bake. Every time

Invoq Bake is designed to deliver consistent quality, every time. On every shelf. Anywhere in the oven. The only surprises will be pleasant.

20% more room to make a profit

Invoq's spectrum of internal configurations and an extra shelf gives you optimised efficiency and economy.

High performance. Low consumption.

With the eco-conscious CareCycle cleaning, a medium cycle saves you 2,912 litres of water per oven each year. That’s equal to 11,648 glasses of water.

Simple as a smartphone

Although packed with advanced features and intelligent capabilities, Invoq's interface uses an instantly familiar touch screen. It works like you expect it to.

Invoq Bake is so flexible, it actually allows you to widen the selection of products you can bake, depending on the time of day, the setting you are in, or if you have a promotion. From breakfast pastries to lunchtime snacks, sweet treats to take-away ready meals - and everything in between. You can even bake garlic bread and muffins at the same time, without contaminating either.

Thoughtful interior design and an extra tray means Invoq Bake gives you 20% more capacity, for a quicker return on your investment.

Feature deep dive

Say hello to Invoq Bake

Although simple on the surface, Invoq Bake is home to an array of advanced features and benefits. The more you look, the better it gets.

ClimateControl - An advanced system that optimises processes and reduces baking times by designing the way air flows and the way humidity is measured and released. 

CareCycle - A tab-based cleaning system designed to be thorough, cost-effective and economical with power and water. Choose from seven different cycles, ranging from light to intense, turbo to eco. 

SmartBaker - Automates your frequently used baking processes, so you can guarantee consistency and quality. Learning from the oven, intuitively, as you go. 

Quick Select Recipes (QSR) - Pre-set recipes enable any member of your team, no matter how experienced, to bake at a consistently high quality. QSR saves time and makes mistakes less likely. 

Invoq Bake creates a precisely controlled environment that you can instantly modify or adjust, depending on what you are baking or if you want to intervene. Steam can be introduced on demand. A combination of smart sensors and integrated drain and air filters - on top of airflow and temperature controls - give you a humidification capacity that is always fast, efficient and safe. 

For reliable consistency, Invoq Bake approaches hot airflow in a totally different way. Instead of rotating the entire rack system, we have designed targeted airflow trajectories that evenly reach every corner of the oven. Moving front to back, up and down and side to side, automatically and precisely. A spectrum of nine different fan speeds means you get perfect heat distribution and uniformity, even at lower temperatures. Whether you are baking delicate macaroons or a hearty sourdough loaf. 

A daily maintenance routine will ensure Invoq Bake lasts for many years. But your service crew need this chore to be quick and easy - otherwise it won't become a habit. 

Invoq's sleek design features large areas of glass and steel, which are both easy to clean, regardless of which way the door opens. We have created a single point of access to the whole unit from one side of the oven. And the oven's in-built cleaning system is not only simple but uses environmentally friendly tabs and has a range of fast, economical functions. 

Invoq Bake offers 20% more capacity than a comparable oven using the same connection load. So you can bake more in less time. Or use fewer oven cycles to bake the usual quantities. 

Find the Invoq Bake for you

Although they share a distinctive family resemblance, each Invoq Bake variant is designed with a specific setting or application in mind. Including yours.

Product range:

Invoq Bake 6-400x600 EN

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Invoq Bake 9-400x600 EN

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Invoq Bake 6-400x600 EN PassThrough

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Productive. From day one

Invoq makes service so simple that it quickly becomes front of house and an indispensable part of your team.

Choose one:

Service made simple

    An oven created from a collaborative recipe

    It was inevitable that Invoq would be like no other oven. Because it was designed like no other oven. In order for it to become the default oven for kitchens, bakeries and retail environments all over the world, our designers collaborated with five other global oven brands. The result is a spectrum of Invoq variants with hundreds of different global and cultural differences in mind.

    All for one and one for all

    We call our collaboration the Innovation Circle. It is a forum of food service experts, each member bringing their own enthusiasm and insight to the design studio.

    Sustainability is important to you and a priority for us, too. We manufacture Invoq in our own Danish workshops. And we believe we have successfully created a high performance, low energy, less wasteful oven.

    Sustainability briefing

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